Programmatically Hide / Show Field(s) - Add / Modify FILTER to an existing VIEW?


Is there a way to Programmatically(*) Hide / Show Field(s) - Add / Modify FILTER to an existing VIEW ?

Same question came into my mind about:


(*) = by SCRIPT Block.

No, this isn’t currently possible:

Thank you @Shrey_Banga & Script-Block team !
I hope these instructions will be added in a future evolution of Script-Block, in a not too distant future, because I’m tired of cloning my tables-templates by adapting Field-Names and Field-Types and Views by hand.
Thank you for your understanding,

@Shrey_Banga @Airtable
Nobody has posted about this in a while, but I think the addition of the recent Airtable Buttons makes this much more viable

The ability to show/hide field(s) based on button pushes (through scripting or natively) could be essential for quickly toggling extra information or variation on existing information in a table (an additional roll up field or formula for example)!

Very often I want to be able to see a little bit more information without having to create a separate Airtable view (This could be an easy way to reduce a lot of clutter for users like me who have many views for their table)