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Hoping someone has done this before.

I have a list of customers and their email addresses organized into groups. So I have 3 columns: customer name, email, and group #. I’m looking to make a new table for email automation. I’d like to pull all emails associated with a single group number into a CSV field called “recipients.”

Is this possible? I’d appreciate some guidance if so. Alternate workflows welcome.


You could do that if {Recipients} is either a Rollup or a Lookup field.

If the {Group #} field is a LinkToAnotherRecord type field pointing at the table [Groups], then the [Groups] table could have a Lookup type field pointing at your [Customers] table’s {Email} field. This will give you all the emails associated with that group.

A lookup wouldn’t combine multiple values into the same cell, would it?

I’ll give rollup fields a try.

Hi @Kamille_Parks, I’m only seeing numerical calculations…so that’s not quite what I am looking for. To be clear, I’m looking for a list of emails not the number of emails.

Yes, Lookups list the value of a particular field for each linked record in a single cell. If you want to use a Rollup field use any of the Array functions.

Hi @Kamille_Parks, could you please provide some more detail? I don’t know if I want to use a Rollup field. Is there a good example of using a formula to pull email addresses into a single field out there that you’ve seen?

We’re going to walk through this step by step. Have you made the {Group #} field a LinkToAnotherRecord type field?

You know what nevermind about step by step, since its only two steps. Just replicate what you see here:

(I used a Lookup field but again you could do the same with Rollups)

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