Released: Favorite Views

Hey Community!

Navigating views just got so much easier. Today we are happy to announce that Favorite Views are now available for all Pro and Enterprise users.

Star your most frequently used views to add them to the “My favorites” section at the top of the view sidebar. Favorites are pinned to the top of the view sidebar so you can easily access the views most important to you.
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Hi @Rose_K ,
Thank you’, it’s well thought out, it’s useful on a daily basis!
Now, what is still missing from the VIEWS ?
The “Toggle Field ON / OFF” VIEW : the View which can make a FIELD appear / disappear from an App Script or a Custom App !

I seem to have lost the quick access to the View Description. What’s the recommended way to quickly view this currently?
It looks like my two options are to edit the description, which pulls up the blurb. Or i get a half sentence of the description in the View Tab.

I’m currently using the View Description to show a simple explanation of the coloring used for records to other members of our team, so having this readily accessible is very useful, whereas having it buried, not so much.

@Jack_P I’m not aware of any other options. A popup annotation when hovering over the view name would be nice, but I can see complaints arising from that annotation being more of an annoyance than a help.

If you have access to apps, you could use the Description app, which would be visible all the time. However, if the coloring differs for each view, outlining all of those options in a Description app may make them tough to locate. Off the top of my head, though, that’s the only semi-useful alternative that I can think of to longer view descriptions.

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Thanks for the reply Justin,
The pop-up annotation used to exist as a small i symbol next to the view name in the same way that it currently exists for Table descriptions, but this looks like it was removed with this update unfortunately.

It can be a bit clunky, but it at least provided quick access to the information.

@Jack_P It looks like they moved the description annotation and merged it with a new-ish one that
appears when you hover over the view name in the main toolbar (where you also edit the description).

Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 7.25.17 AM

@Justin_Barrett and @Jack_P

Thank you so much for pointing this out! This is a second view menu update we are rolling out right now, called the Consolidated View Menu. We essentially combined what had been two separate view menu experiences into one consolidated menu. Here is the support article for how to edit a view’s description using this new view menu.

Let me know if you have any questions, or feedback, on this menu design! :star2:

That’s really disappointing. I just posted a question about the change (View description issue). It assumes that the description doesn’t just need to be shorter, it doesn’t even need to be formatted. A step backwards for me and @Jack_P and I’m sure others. And also inconsistent UX now, as @Jack_P mentions, with the Table and Field descriptions - it was a good pattern that’s now been broken. There’s also now no visual guide to ‘ordinary users’ who may never hover over the view name near the table name, but may just switch views on the left hand side column (where the view description display seems pretty pointless - just a few words…).

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Thank you for the feedback, as this is a new feature we are definitely all ears for how to improve it. I’ve passed along your feedback directly to the right people internally, and will follow up if there are any changes.


I would definitely second both the formatting feature needing to be added here, and having the visibility with the small i marker that shows there is information there to be read is very helpful for less experienced users as per @Christina_McGuire’s comment


I would also suggest the favorites being pinned to the top when scrolling and searching other views.