Remove a link from a "link to another record" field with automation

i have a base with many record that contain an email, next to this email field there is a checkbox field. I know how to add this email into a “link to another record” field in a different base if I check the box with automation.
But I don’t know how to remove it if I uncheck the box.
I want to remove just the mail of the box that are uncheck and keep those that are check.

Hi @Esteban_Gervilla ,

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To clear a value out of a field you insert 3 spaces " " (without the quotation marks)

Hope this helps

If I add space it remove every linked record the uncheck and check.
What I try to do is remove just the record link that came from an unchecked record and keep those with the record that have a checkbox checked

You remove it from the checked record not from the linked record.

So record A is checked and it is linked to record 1 which is also linked to other records (records B, C, D), yes?

You use the space on Record A not record 1

Hey, thanks I understand but things that I have forgot to say, my bad is that Record A have multiple checkbox that link also to multiple record
So same scenario with both record 1 and A : there is multiple linked record I want to remove just some of them
maybe a formula into integromat but I not know the function/formula.

I wonder if anyone has come up with a solution for this. I’m running into the same problem where my Companies are interested in/ linked to many Targets. In the Target table, I’m using the linked field to show which Companies are interested in which Targets. I want to be able to automate the removal of the link when Company loses interest so that the Target table is only showing active interest. I was also thinking a formula might be the trick…