Run batch/bulk update on multiple records from Zapier


I need to have daily batches run that update a field in multiple records. I have it setup in Zapier, but can only get it to run one time against a single record. I want it update every record inside a specific view. Similar to how the “Batch Update” block in airtable works, but automated. Any of the following would fix my issue but seems none of them exist?

  1. AirTable Block “Batch Update” run at a set time.
  2. AirTable Block “Batch Update” triggered by Zapier.
  3. Find a way to make a Zap repeat / loop itself until all records in a view are updated
  4. Create a Zap that updates multiple records in one run

Seems like all of these actions should exist… But can’t seem to figure out how to do any of them!

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!

Hi @BrettP29

You might want to check out Integromat. They have a Facebook page.

Mary K

Thanks, I’ll take a look at it. Ideally I would like to find a solution that doesn’t require an additional third party service to be used.

Airtable API and a scripting environment. G-Suite is ideal for this and near-free regardless of how many processes you run.


Try Google sheets add-on that will synchronize your data between Airtable and Google Sheets.

What you need to do:

  • Connect Airtable to Google Sheets via

  • Switch on the data refresh frequency to 1 hour, and your data will be always up-to-date in your destination sheet (in Google Sheets).

  • Name that sheet raw data, then create formulas or dashboards in new sheets and reference the data from the raw one.