"see also" column - multiselect from titles in Title column

I’m building a research project library and I’d like to create a multiselect “see also” column at the end of each record where we could select any of the other records (projects) in the base for people to reference. Whenever a new project is added to the library I’d love for that project title (from the title column) to appear as an option in this multiselect list. I’ve seen how to link records from another table, but wondering if something like this is possible within the same table. Thanks!

Yep. Just turn the multiselect field into a link to another record-type field, pointing at the same table, and you’re done. Assuming the options you had exactly match the names of the titles in your table, the linking will already be done.

Note: unlike when linking between tables, linking Record A to Record B in the same table is a one way link. Meaning, while Record A will be linked to Record B, Record B will not automatically be linked to Record A.


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