Sending data from my table to my website

Good morning, my manager would like to a have monitor on his wall displaying information generated by the database such as totals etc and other data created through the use of formula’s. Is there a way I could send this information to a page such as mydomain . com / statistic .html

which he can view via his internet browser?


I do this by pulling data into Google Sheets. You could accomplish it by this alone - transforming your data with pivot tables and charts and graphs.

I use Google Data Studio to create a dashboard and multiple pages with some filtering capability for the user. They do not see any of the raw data. Our data is refreshed every 2 hours.

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I was wondering if there was a simpler way maybe through embedding a table view onto the website?

They do provide a rudimentary sharing option for views. It provides a way to share views and embed it on a website.

Yep - this is possible if all you need in the display is what Airtable currently displays in your views. Just select the share option for a table view and off you go!

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