Shared views expanded by default, I want them collapsed

I am trying to share specific views of my Airtable base, I specifically want users to see the Tables I am sharing collapsed into their groups, as it makes lots more sense for them to be able to drill down. However, despite me collapsing all within the view, my recipients are seeing the tables expanded. This also happened when I tried to share the whole base.
How can I ensure recipients of a shared view or base will see the view collapsed by my groups.

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Hi @Maria_McMillan,

Groups cannot be collapsed by default (if that is what you mean).

You have 2 options:

  1. Either whomever is receiving the view should right click on the first Group and choose Collapse All.

  2. Use Filters instead of Groups to create your views so every View has the data you want to show to this specific user.

Hope that helps.

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