Showing All Checkboxes in a Record as a Percent Complete Column


Hi all,

I need some help. I have a table that is mostly just a series of checkboxes (Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, etc) to show whether a task is complete. I’ve been charged with finding a way to create a column that tabulates across a record, notes which of those columns are checked, and expresses the total as a percent, thereby immediately showing how complete that particular project is.

Can Airtable do that? I thought that a Formula column could manage it, but I’m new at this, and exceedingly dunce-like. I’m flunking hard. Does anyone know how I might get that accomplished?

(SUM({Task 1},{Task 2},{Task 3})*100)/COUNTALL({Task 1},{Task 2},{Task 3})

Both the SUM() and COUNTALL() functions must have all task fields defined inside them, and you’ll want to set the formatting to ‘Percent’.


The formula works because a Checkbox field returns a value of 0 if it is unchecked, and 1 if it is checked.

So the COUNTALL() function is just saying “Count the total number of fields I put in here” - which in my example is 3.

The SUM() function is saying “Total the values returned by all the fields I put in here” - which is 1 x the number of checked fields.


You, sir, are a blessing! Thank you so much both for the formula and the thorough explanation. That worked beautifully.

Many, many thanks, Jeremy!