Simple employee tracking tool

Hello all,

I am new to airtable but I feel like it has a lot of potential in order to manage my employees.

What I want to achieve is fairly simple:

  1. I want a list of all my employees (easy to do)
  2. I want a list of all my worksites (easy to do)
  3. a) I want to assign my employees to certain worksites and then be able to see on a calendar which employees is available for an upcoming project.
  4. b) I want to be able to filter that calendar by employee and / or by worksites

For example,
Daniel is working on project 1 in September and December
Roger is working on project 1 only in September but on project 2 in November and December
I have an upcoming project in November and want to see which employees are free in October

What would be the best way to go about successfully implementing step 3 in airtable?

I found a couple of templates but they seem to be too complex for what I’m trying to accomplish.


Create a table to store each employee’s assignments. You’ll have at least four fields: {Employee}, {Worksite}, {Start Date}, and {End Date}. You may want the primary field in this table to be a formula that concatenates a few fields to create unique names: {Employee} & ' - ' & {Worksite}

Then create a calendar view for this new table.

Thank you for the help, I’ve been using Airtable for literally 2 days so I’m still figuring out its functionnality.

I sucessfully created the table with the four fields and I was also able to install the Gant Block in order to have a nice visual interface to view when my workers are available.

I have another questions regarding this topic, what if I want to create a field that tells me on which site my worker is today. Let’s say in the table I populate the data
Kevin at worksite X from Sept. 1st to Sept. 5th
Kevin at worksite Y from Sept. 6th to Sept. 25th

If I open the app today and look in my new “Current worksite” table, what would I need in my field in order to get the current worksite? In this case it would be worksite Y.

Thanking you in advance for your help,


In your Employees table, add a Lookup field pointing at your “Schedule” table. Turn on the “Only include linked records from the Schedule table that meet certain conditions”. Set the conditions to be: 1) {Start Date} is on or before today, AND 2) {End Date} is on or after today.

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Here is what I tried without succeeding:

Field on this table that links to the records you want to look up = Schedule

Schedule table field that you’d like to look up = worsite name

Conditions as follow:
Where “Start date” is today
OR “Start date” is before today

The issue starts here, I can’t choose AND for the third condition. Any idea what I did wrong?

Nevermind, there is a condition “is on or before” that I had not seen!!
It seems to be working now

Thank you!

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