Standard Deviation STDEV - Quick Reference

For those of you needing to perform a Standard Deviation calc (STDEV() in Excel), here’s a template you can use for performing this calculation with values across a single row (record):

    POWER({Value 1 Field} - {Avg of Values Field}, 2),
    POWER({Value 2 Field} - {Avg of Values Field}, 2),
    POWER({Value 3 Field} - {Avg of Values Field}, 2),
  ) / (n - 1)

Where n = the number of fields SUM’d, ie, the number of POWER() statements.

You do have to manually enter each field that holds a value which you want factored in to the StDev calculation, and you have to have a field that calculates the averages of those values, so this will not work well for a dynamic data set (new values are constantly being added to the list of values needing to be included in the calculation).

I use it quite frequently in calibration specs, however, so I figured I’d post it here as a quick and easy reference for other people who were used to using the STDEV() function in Excel, but are not sure how to translate that into Airtable for simple data sets.

You just need an instance of this line for each value you need to include in the calculation:

POWER({Value 3 Field} - {Avg of Values Field}, 2)
  • Ensure that each POWER() statement has a comma after it EXCEPT the last one in the list.
  • Ensure that you replace n with the number of POWER() statements you included.
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