Storing users in a base


Hey guys, I’m pretty new to Airtable but it looks extremely powerful and I’m pretty excited about what it can do.

I do have one question though – is there any way to store Users in a base? In particular, I’m asking about users that would need to log in to a website so there would be a password field. From what I can see, there’s no way to hide the contents of a field and I don’t think storing a password in a base would be secure enough.

Does anyone know much about this or any workarounds? Thanks!


You can hide fields.


I’m not entirely sure what your need is for storing user passwords, but I would say no, Airtable is not secure enough for that.

Some web applications that have to store user passwords use a process called hashing to store the passwords in an unrecognizable form, and then use that same process to check user input against the hashed password when a user logs in.

Unless you are writing a hashing algorithm into a formula field, and then deleting the users raw password once it is hashed, you don’t want to store user passwords that could present a security issue in Airtable.


Thanks @Jeremy_Oglesby. That’s what I was thinking too about it not be securing enough and wasn’t sure if there were any workarounds available. It seems like Airtable can do just about everything for managing content for a web app except for User management. Thanks for your reply.

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