Subtasks - how to create field

In the Project Tracker template is a field Subtasks. with a list of items and checkboxes. I’d like to create a subtask field from scratch. Unfortunately, it’s not clear, at least not to me, how to do that?


Answered my own question.
Delete ‘tasks’ table

1.Add new field to preferred table, any name you like
2. Long Text
3. Enable rich text formatting
4. Click on entry and expand cell (Shift+Space if you like)
5. Put cursor in expanded cell and click
6. On the left hand side up pops a black ‘square’ with paragraph icon
7. Click on square to reveal some formatting tools
8. Checkbox is bottom right
9. Click on checkbox
10. Enter content.
10.1 If content is several lines then I find avoiding new line at the end of each sentence keeps all content for the same checkbox.
11. To view several items, go to top navigation menu select row height extra tall.

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