SUM Help - Tracking Numbers as They Go

Hello there,

I’m trying to write a formula that calculates the sum of values in another column. The tricky part is I want each row to add only the numbers above it in this other column, adjusting each time it goes down the row. For example:

7/11 2 2
7/12 3 5
7/13 1 6

Where the “TOTAL EPISODES PRODUCED” column is automatically tracking what’s being input into the “EPISODES PRODUCED TODAY” column.

This type of running tally can be done in Airtable (and somewhere in this forum I’m pretty sure there’s a post that either documents the process, or links to a sample base showing how it’s done), but it takes some heavy table mangling to do it because databases just aren’t designed for this kind of thing. Unlike cells in a spreadsheet, records (rows) in a database have no knowledge of each other, so there’s no database equivalent of “look a this cell in the previous row, add something to it, then display the result.”

I would strongly suggest reexamining your base/table setup if you want this kind of running tally, and possibly reconsider the tally’s importance completely. While it’s a common thing to do with spreadsheets (mainly because it’s so easy), I find that it’s rarely of much practical use in the long run.

And if you say, “I still want to do it. Please tell me how?”, I’m afraid I can’t help you. I’ve glanced at other bases where it’s been done, but haven’t taken the time to learn the process myself because I haven’t felt that it would add any value to anything I’m doing. Sorry!

Something similar was accomplished in the responses to this thread:

With solutions provided by @bdelanghe, @W_Vann_Hall, and myself. Its been so long since I made that base I have forgotten how it works lol. Hopefully the thread will help you out. If not, I could probably re-figure this out.

Thanks so much y’all!