Trouble with dropbox integration

Hi all,

I’m trying to integrate with Dropbox through Zapier, and I’m experiencing some issues.
I want to insert a link to the Dropbox document rather than inserting the document directly, but can’t seem to get this to work. Any tips?



I like your style - integration by reference is a wise approach in many database solutions. It allows the document to remain in-place while sustaining it as an authoritative copy. Airtable’s default assumption that attachments be copied is nice in some cases, but can be harmful in others.

Code-free integration platforms also come with assumptions but you might want to use a little JavaScript in Zapier to change what it pushes into Airtable.

My hunch is (because I’ve never tried this) is that you could iterate across the array of documents changing what Zapier returns from a document object to its URL.

I know precisely how to do this with a custom API solution, but you should have a look at Zapier’s new code-inline feature - I think they have many examples of using this approach.

Welcome to the community, Erik! :smiley: If Zapier is inserting the document into Airtable, my gut says that you’re putting it into an attachment field. To only store the link, map the “Share Link” item from your Dropbox step into an Airtable URL field instead.