"Unwanted Quotes" in CSV

When I export as a CSV some of the data shows with a few random & unwanted quotes around the company name. The example here is Venoco, Inc… Within the contact entry none of the editable fields have quotes in them. I cannot find a way to edit these out besides editing the CSV once exported.

Why does it show in the Donation column with “Quotes”? How can I remove them?!


The quotes are there because of the presence of a comma in the name of the Company. If you export a comma into a CSV (comma separated values), then the comma will behave as a separator.

The company name Venoco, Inc. would turn into two separated values, Venoco, and Inc.

Since Airtable knows you want to keep that together as a single company name, they help you out by adding quotes around the name, since the CSV will ignore commas that are embedded inside of quotation marks.

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You may not want them but without them, your data will not be CSV data and will not be able to be used by any system.

Ergo, you want these quotes; you need these quotes.


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