Update to Automations pane

Hi all -

We are excited to share that today, we launched an updated Automations pane that includes some improvements that will help you be able to better utilize automations in your bases.

Two major updates to share:

  • We have moved the Automations tool from the right sidebar to a full-screen experience, so you can see both the triggers + the actions at the same time
  • We are improving the icons and descriptions in product so it’s clear what each step is and how it’s all connected


Additional resources:

We hope this makes your Automations experience even more powerful and we look forward to your feedback. This change is rolling out now and will be visible to all bases soon!


Will the fullscreen be mandatory or optional? I found it useful to still see the fields when creating an automation :man_shrugging:

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@Databaser great question, in the top right corner you will have to ability to open or exit full-screen mode.

Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 2.32.44 PM


Aha, thanks! New overview looks great by the way :raised_hands:

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It would be great if we could organize automation into sections like we can in Views. Thanks Jonathan

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Just some feedback, when you exit fullscreen you still have to navigate between steps either by clicking the next/previous buttons or going full screen clicking the step you want and then exit full screen again. I found it immensely useful to be able to see my data and all the steps at the same time scrolling through either, unlimited, i.e. the old interface. Unless you are intending to add branching to the automation flows (if this then do this action otherwise do this other action, or if this trigger or this trigger happens then do these actions), then the new interface which looks great by the way is just eye candy that actually gets in the way a bit and slows you down! I don’t suppose there is an option to choose the old interface?

I can’t be the only one dreaming about this… :crossed_fingers::pray:


What was it, 25 configuratons per base, that’s the limit now? Probably won’t give us more interfacing options to manage that number. The new UI does look stellar, and the decade-outdated formula field editor will hopefully get on the agenda sooner.

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I really hope so ! :pray: