Uploading scanned pdf files to airtable using IOS

I am not very technical but I use Airtable a lot. I have also tried to convert all my work to IOS ie i use my iPad rather than a laptop. There have been a number of issues regarding data upload using airtable iOS. Initially i used to scan pdf files to dropbox then upload this function eventually failed and disappeared then i used onedrive again eventually this disappeared more recently I used google drive but to my horror I receive an email warning from google that airtable does not comply with their data upload policy and now this has failed. How using an iPad can i scan and upload pdf docs to airtable??

I noticed this recently too, @zola_mzimba – I cannot access Google Drive anymore.

The thing is, it’s not actually Airtable’s problem, nor can they directly fix any issues in that interface, because that interface is actually another app called Filepicker. Airtable is only using their API inside their iOS app, presumably so that they don’t have to write their own file-selection functionality.

However, Filepicker.io appears to have gone defunct, and possibly been purchased/supplanted by filestack.com, because Filepickers root domain now redirects there!!

I have a feeling Dropbox and Google dropped support for Filepicker.io due to it’s defunct status. Airtable really needs to either switch over to using filestack’s API, or else build their own file-selection functionality – it’s long overdue, really.

Sadly, I don’t see a good solution to your problem, except maybe to try and see if you can somehow save your PDF’s to your camera roll. This will probably convert them to JPEG’s, but at least you’d be able to access them from Airtable’s filepicker interface. I’m not sure of all the ways you could go about saving a PDF to your camera roll, but I know I’ve done it with an App called Scanner Pro on my iPhone.

@zola_mzimba, I created a #product-suggestions topic for this. Give it a thumbs up if you want to support the request: