Using a Form Entry Repeat a Record with a Date Change

Using a Form Entry Repeat a Record with a Date Change

Records are being added by various people using a form.

I am currently asking them to maually repeat their entry for up to 13 times with only the date changing.

I am trying to work out how Airtable can recognise a new record with a value in NO of Weeks and automatically add a record for a specific number of times with the date changing for the same number of times

My columns field headings are “DATE” “NO OF WEEKS” “COUNT DOWN” “CLASS” “NAME”

As another record is added the DATE needs to add seven days and will stop repeating when it has been repeated to the value of “NO OF WEEKS”

Is it possible for the table to recognise a value in NO OF WEEKS and run an automation or duplication with only a DATE change?

Can somebody tell me if this is even possible but ideally, tell me how.

There are only 2 ways of doing this:

  1. Automate this process by writing your own custom script with JavaScript. There are some sample scripts to help you learn about using JavaScript in Airtable here and here and here. There are also some JavaScript experts here in the forum who might be able to help you write a custom script.

  2. Use an external no-code automation platform like Integromat to automate this for you. You would use Integromat’s “repeater function“ to keep repeating the task of creating a new record & incrementing each new record by one week until it reaches the maximum:

Thank you for confirming what I thought and giving me the solution option.
I will be considering my approach shortly but your guidance is much appreciated.

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