Viewing Dates across Records and Tables


Hi All,

Is there a way that I can view all of my records that include dates (across tables) in one place? For example, I put in due dates or target dates in records. Can I look at all of the due dates this week at once?



As you described it, not. What is your scenario? You can use Linked Record and Looup fields to bring dates to other tables.


Thanks. I tried what you suggested but don’t think it solves my issue.

Right now, I track projects on airtable. I have a board “Project Management” and a different table within that board for each project. Each of the projects are duplicates of a “Template” table I created. So when a new project comes along, I duplicate the Template table, rename it, and then it is ready.

Each project has 34 “steps.” Each “step” has a due date. Right now, I can view a calendar of all the dates for one given project. But I’d like to see a calendar with all of the steps (across all projects) that are due on X date or X week.


You should have 2 tables:

  • Projects
  • Steps

And relate them with a Linked Record field representing that “a Step belongs to a Project”. In the Projects table you could Group steps by Project, create a View for every Project, and so on. Of course, you could have a calendar View with all the steps that are due on X date or X week.

For the template, you could have a dummy project with the steps and duplicate all of them.

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