What's easier, connecting Airtable with Power BI or Tableau?

Hi all,

What do you find the easiest to connect (and scale) Airtable to when it comes to reporting/dashboards, Power BI or Tableau?

I realise there are no connectors for either through Zapier but have seen some workarounds for both tools.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


I would say PowerBI has the edge in ease of integration but I’m a little biased. I do have experience with Tableau and my recollection was there are many challenges in their API from methods that are not available in the REST API to the server requirements. I think this integration awkwardness stems from the legacy of Tableau which dates back to the 90’s.

PowerBI’s integration pathways seem more “modern” as this article by @Oscar_Diaz demonstrates how he integrates Airtable.

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