Zapier and Rich Text Formatting


I want to create a link inside my long text field with rich text formatting enabled by zapier.

But when I write


in Zapier I don’t see the Link as a hyperlink. I just see the text:


It’s not Zapier that’s the problem - you are specifying a markdown format that Airtable is incapable of interpreting as a link. Read this thread.

Sorry, I still don’t get it.

Why is Airtable writing here, I can put in the Links by markdown (or whatever airtable is doing here):

But it’s clearly not working for me, even when I use the example given by airtable?
ANd How do I do it with zapier? Is it not working with zapier at all?

Okay - try using the alternative “markdown” syntax I’ve shown.

It worked for me and I’m simply making the observation – documentation aside – how I was able to get it to work when instantiating links in long-text fields using markdown-like syntax.

For the sake of completeness

Quick Update, after futher testing
Finally links are working for me in Integromat / Zapier

Only thing you need to do, put the reference in a new line…

[I'm an inline-style link][1]
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