Zapier: Find Linked Records


I have a table with a remotely linked record, and when a record is added it fires a Zap. The Zap then needs to find the linked record in the other table. I cannot figure out how to look for the ID that I receive with the record. For example:

Table 1 (Employee): Name
Table 2 (Holiday): Date, Employee

When a row is added to Holiday I get a zap with the date, and an ID that links to Employee table. There appears to be no way to retrieve the Employee record to get the name. How can I do that?

Zapier - Serach by Record ID (or RECORD_ID()) [ SOLVED ]

This is actually quite straightforward but seems to require the creation of a new formula field in the Employee table to show the Record ID:

Once you have this you can use a Find Record action in Zapier (based upon a new record trigger in the Holiday table) like this:

Subsequent steps in your Zap will then have access to all the fields in the related Employee record.


There is a simpler (though less flexible way to do this as well - which is to place a Lookup field on the Holiday table to retrieve the field you want from Employees - the down side is that you have to have a lookup field for each field you want to access:

I hope this helps - the combination of Zapier and Airtable is pretty cool!