Zapier trigger for updated record or all records

Love the Zapier integration, but without the ability to trigger on update/change/edit of a field, it’s pretty hard to keep other databases synced with Airtable - not sure if this my mistake or not.

Additionally, I can’t move my system across to Airtable without the above feature or the option to run a Zapier zap on all database entires in a view/base. For example, if I want to email all my contacts, I can’t do that via Mail-Chimp etc, because the triggers only fire on creation of a record not on update/change/manual selection.

Can you advise any workaround because this is one of only two barriers to me moving a client to your platform.


I would love to see this feature.

The workaround is to create a view that populates with the updated records. Napier can be triggered with new records in a view.

But it would be great if an updated record could be a trigger without the view workaround


How do you do the view update? When I use views in the same base, they are “instant”.

The view solution only works once, the first tIme the record appears in the view.
After that if the same record shows up in the view the New record in view trigger doesnt fireup.


Hello all

I super agree with the need for additional Zapier trigger options. This will soon become vital for you Airtable to be able to get new customers. To me, the added value of Airtable is to become a central tool that basically replace others. For instance in CRM activity, Trello and Airtable Kanban views work the same; the only reason to keep Trello is that it has many more trigger options in Zapier (e.g. “moving cards”) that are missing in Airtable. Think about it when working on new features :wink:


Has there been any advancement on this feature? I too would love to see a trigger that fires every time a record shows up in a view, not just the first time it shows up in a view


I’m looking for the same function. I’m so frustrated we cannot do it so far. I tried with a daily trigger with both Integromat and Zapier but so far I did not succed.


Unfortunately, the Airtable API currently can’t trigger on updated records, only on new. Their roadmap says that should come eventually.

When it does, you can trigger a webhook from Airtable and just set up a new webhook ‘Catch Hook’ in Zapier to receive the data and apply it wherever you want.

I’ve got this working for other apps, just not Airtable yet due to those API constraints. You can find your API info here:


bumping this thread. This is a feature much needed - Trigger Zapier action through updated row. Quite disconcerting to not have any official response on this in over a year?


Also looking for ability to make API calls on updates to airtable records. I’m trying to do some basic product management between airtable and github. What i’m trying to do:

  1. I sync my github issues to a table in airtable (done)
  2. I link user feedback / product requests / priority etc to issues (done)
  3. Those links are published back to issues on github (can’t do this)

It’d be fine if these updates were not fired in realtime - even just having the updates fired every ~hour is okay (i know when you’re modifying records there’s probably a desire to wait until the user has done all the changes they want before sending that update).

I’m also looking into github + zapier integration. I was able to import new issues into airtable, but i cannot find a good way to update the airtable row when the issue closes in github.

@NickPunt I’m curious if you found a work around here. I’m thinking about setting up a probot for this too…

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Please please can we have this


I would like to add this to the feature request roadmap too.


Bump. Need trigger with update record


Desperately need a Zapier trigger when a record is updated!


Airtable says in their api documentation that this is coming:

Here are a few things that we’ll expose in the API shortly:

  1. Transparently creating new multiple choice options when you update records.

  2. Querying for recent changes.

  3. Receiving notifications about changed records.


Seconding this. Right now it’s almost impossible to replicate your airtable into another database.

One solution I’ve found is using this sheets plugin to replicate data to sheets

then syncing that data into our DB with an ETL tool like stitch. This works but is unreliable and insecure. Please add webhooks soon Airtable team!

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I also need to replicate just a portion of my Airtable into another database, and would love to see a trigger on updates. Thanks!

Our current method of reacting to changes in records is to use what we call “event trigger” views. Each one of these views has some filters set, so that when a record matches some criteria, it enters the view, we pick it up using the Airtable API, take some action like posting a notification to Slack, then update the record so that it is removed from the view.

To do this, we keep a central table called “Event Triggers”. Each record in this table has the url for an event trigger view, and a Zapier webhook to call to take action when a record is found in that view. We then have a perpetually running python process on AWS poll the Event Triggers table every so often to get this list of views, and check each view for records to take action on.

To remove the records from the view after processing them, sometimes we mark the records with timestamps and have our event trigger view filter on whether those timestamps are filled in or not. You can also use what I call “mirror” fields, which mirror the value of another field. When a field is updated, if it does not equal its mirror field, the record enters the event trigger view. Then, after processing the record, you set the mirror field to the actual field’s value once more to mark it as processed and remove it from the view.


Another mighty +1 for being able to trigger all records in a view, or trigger for updated records of a view.