Zapier trigger for updated record or all records


So this isn’t a perfect solution, but I do have a manual workaround that actually worked out better for a given use case.

In my office we were wanting to use AirTable to store and centralize contact information and link it to various other records. We would be constantly adding information to records as we found out people’s cell phone numbers and additional email addresses etc. That makes it slightly risky to auto sync and update the information as someone could accidentally delete some information and clear it our of our database.

The workaround was to set the trigger to be a button push. Air table would then search for any record with “Yes” in the field “Ready for Update?”. It would update the contact information in the first record with Yes in that fields to google contacts, then after it updates it looks back for that same field (using the main ID# we use as a key to identify it) and updates the Yes to “Updated” and puts the timestamp of the button press into another field for records.

You do have to press the button once for each record you update, but it will work every time you press it, and it can repeated any number of times.

I know its not quite automated, but when its something as vital as contact information, it can sometimes be best to have a physical trigger to make sure that things don’t trigger improperly.


@openside is a short trial available to test this out?


Hi @Delali_Dzirasa @Nick_Duda (sorry I missed your post from a few months ago. never got a notification).

We offer a full refund in first 14 days if it doesn’t work out for you. Just reach out to our community site and submit a ticket and it will be refunded.