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Airtable Alumni (Retired)

Welcome to April’s edition of our Top Contributors post! 

We’re excited to  highlight the top contributors in the Airtable Community who have gone above and beyond to help others learn and grow their skills with Airtable. 

Last month, our Top Contributors offered 89 solutions, kudos for 32 new ideas, wrote 318 replies, and received 145 kudos! 🤘

*click the links below to learn more about April’s Top Contributors.

Top Solution Authors 🧠

  1. @TheTimeSavingCo -  56 Solutions Authored
    @TheTimeSavingCo  helped @Webs  populate and action emails by adding “Find Record.” You can follow the conversation here

  2. @kuovonne  - 26 Solutions Authored
    @kuovonne  helped @Andy_Goodacre  extract text from an attachment. Follow the conversation here

  3. @Ben_Young1  - 7 Solutions Authored
    @Ben_Young1 provided @Dalene_Rovensti with 3 formulas to accomplish conditional IF formatting. You can read about the solutions here

Most Kudoed Ideas 💡

  1. Hide Table(s) by @amandareilson - 12 Kudos
  2. Folders in Workspaces by @MichaelSargent - 10 Kudos
  3. Show an interface without Airtable Account by @Sara - 10 Kudos

Be sure to check out and provide kudos to other community member’s ideas on our Product Ideas board. In our upcoming Product Ideas board update, likes will be key, add a kudo to any ideas you would like to see implemented in future roll outs! 

Top Replies 📨

  1. @TheTimeSavingCo  - 238 Replies Authored
    @CreateGo  learned a lot from @TheTimeSavingCo o to build a crowdfunding platform for real estate using Airtable. You can follow the conversation here

  2. @kuovonne  - 56 Replies Authored
    @kuovonne  helped @Nocode34130  run a webhook using a checkbox.Check out their conversation here.

  3. @RdMedia_srl - 24 Replies Authored
    @RdMedia_srl  helped @Javi_BG  with a formula for a workdaydiff calculation. Follow the conversation here

Top Kudoed Authors 👍

  1. @kuovonne  - 66 Kudos Received
    @kuovonne  received kudos for helping @Ron_Daniel show records from multiple tables in a single interface. Follow the conversation here

  2. @TheTimeSavingCo  - 58 Kudos Received
    @TheTimeSavingCo received kudos for helping @RandomBot  “add a button” and “run an automation.” You can follow the conversation here
  3. @Karlstens  - 21 Kudos Received
    @Karlstens  received kudos for posting on the product ideas board about field labels in Grid View. Check out the post here.

Social Impacters ♥️

  • We know this technically happened in May but @chrisdancy  hosted Daretable last week and it was fabulous. Thank you for a 2 day conference filled with learning and connection. We want to extend massive appreciation to our community thought leaders who led engaging and impactful sessions.  

Alexander De La Campa
Alli Alosa
Brandi Bullock
Christiana Dominguez
Conor O’Brien
Elliot Adams
Gideon Grudo
Jen Rudd
Joseph Dobson
Kamille Parks
Lorenzo Lee
Kuovonne Vorderbruggen
Meghan Piercy
Nicole Merwin
Rob Weidner
Sabrina De Croock
Willy Hernandez

Thank you all for your contributions to the Airtable Community both in April, can’t wait to see what you’ll accomplish in May 🌷🌷🌷!

How do we select Top Contributors? 

We define a Top Contributor as someone who is passionate, helpful, friendly, and active in the Airtable Community. These members continue to share their knowledge and build positive relationships by answering questions, starting new threads, and going out of their way to share their Airtable expertise and advice with their extended networks.

As we continue to evaluate each month's Top Contributors we will be reviewing both qualitative and quantitative data, as well as how each member upholds our Communities Code of Conduct and Guidelines as they interact with other members of the Airtable Community.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Good looking forward for more updates in the future

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Great work.