Calling All Airtable Enthusiasts: We want your feedback!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Airtable Community! 

I’ve been your Community Manager for a couple of months now and I’ve loved getting familiar with the space, and seeing what gets you excited about Airtable. As we continue to shape the Airtable Community, we want to hear from you. This is your community, and we want your voices to be heard as we think about ways to improve the overall experience, and scope programs for you to participate in. 


What we’re looking for

We want to hear your ideas for community programming and improvements. This can encompass a wide range of topics, such as:

  • Feature Requests: Is there a community feature you've been wishing for? Share your ideas for how we can improve the community functionality and help you work more efficiently.
  • Learning Resources: Do you have suggestions for new tutorials, guides, or educational content that would help you master Airtable? Let us know!
  • Community Engagement: How can we foster better connections within the Airtable community? Share ideas on events, groups, challenges, or initiatives you'd like to see.
  • Improving Accessibility: If there are barriers to using the community that you've encountered, we're eager to address them and make the platform more accessible to all.


How to Share Your Feedback

In order to best review your feedback, we’re asking that all ideas please be submitted through our community feedback form. (For some of our Community OG’s, this form may look familiar! 🙂)

Your feedback and ideas will be carefully reviewed by our team to see how they align with our goals of making the community even more user-friendly, powerful, and engaging. Keep in mind that while we may reach out to some of you for additional insight on your feedback, every submission may not receive a response. 

I also want to acknowledge the effort it takes to submit feedback, so I thank you all in advance for any energy you put towards this.



It’s clear how passionate this community is about Airtable, and it’s because of each of you that this space has been brought to life. I can’t wait to get creative and improve the experience with your input in mind.