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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi Community! Today we’re spring cleaning the Community Forum. While every topic in the forum sparks joy, they aren’t always organized in a way that is easy to find or to follow.

We’re adding some new faces to the forum this month (including me!) and we’ll be reorganizing categories as a way to make solutions more visible.

Who am I? I’m Danielle! I’ve been at Airtable for about a year and I focus on all things Community, from events to giveaways and everything in between. I’m excited to spend more time celebrating our forum community!

What are we changing?

  • Removing Bugs - if you are experiencing a bug, we’d like to know right away! Please submit bug reports directly to from now on, instead of posting them on the forum.
  • Cleaning Misc - because most Misc posts can fit in existing categories.
  • Adding Formulas - so that all formula discussions can be easily found.
  • Consolidating iOS , Android , and Feature Requests - these categories will become Product Suggestions!