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Duration field type

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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

The latest field type, duration, is now live! It’s designed to store time durations measured in hours, minutes, seconds, or milliseconds. There are five different formatting options:

  • h:mm - for hours and minutes, e.g. 1:23
  • h:mm:ss - for minutes and seconds, e.g. 3:45, or hours, minutes, and seconds, such as 1:23:40
  • h:mm:ss.s - for minutes, seconds, and deciseconds, e.g. 3:45.6, or hours, minutes, seconds, and deciseconds, such as 1:23:40.0
  • - for minutes, seconds, and centiseconds, e.g. 3:45.67, or hours, minutes, seconds, and centiseconds, such as 1:23:40.00
  • h:mm:ss.sss - for minutes, seconds, and milliseconds, e.g. 3:45.678, or hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds, such as 1:23:40.000

You can also now format the output of computed fields as durations, and use durations in formula fields. You can read more about it here.