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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi Airtable Community! :wave: I’m Emily, a product manager for Airtable’s Interfaces team. I’m so excited to announce a new feature that is available today: Interface Forms!


What are Interface forms?
Interface forms are an easy way to create new records directly in Interfaces. Using the full power of the Interface Designer layout engine, you can customize exactly what information you’d like your users to enter each time they create a new record.

How can I access Interface forms?
There are two ways to create a new form:

  1. Create a full-screen form using the new form layout. This should be available any time you create a new page in an Interface.
  2. You can add forms to existing pages that include a Record List or a Record Picker. Select either of these elements and toggle “Allow users to create new records” in the properties panel. From there, you can configure your form modal.

Who can use these forms?
Any user who has access to your Interface can access the forms you make to create new records. Stay tuned for more updates on Permissions in Interface Designer coming this fall.

Is this meant to replace Form view in the base?
Using the Form view in the base is still a great way to collect information from users who do not have an Airtable account. Interface forms are meant to be an easy way to create new records directly from an Interface.

What can I expect next?
The team is working on a lot of exciting updates to Interface Designer in the coming months, including: improvements to Interface forms, new button types, Navigation, Permissions, and more! We always love to hear what you want to see more of, and happy to answer any questions.

Interface Designer Contest
I also hope to see many of you make use of this new feature in the Interface Designer Contest. Because this feature is being rolled out a bit later than anticipated, I’m excited to share that we will be extending the Interface Designer Contest deadline by 2 weeks - you will now have until August 12 to get in your submissions. I’ll be one of the judges and can’t wait to see what you all create! More details about the contest can be found here.

This update is available now. If you aren’t seeing these changes reflected, please try clearing your cache.