June Product Updates

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9 - Sun
9 - Sun

Hello Airtable Community!

We wanted to gather all of June’s product updates in one place, to make sure we keep you in the loop.


Here is a list of changes, big and small, that we introduced in June!

General Product Updates:

Automations updates:

  • We are so excited to announce our newest automation trigger: “When a form is submitted”! The “When a form is submitted” trigger can be used to trigger an action when a response is submitted to the specified Airtable form
  • When rendering records found from a view using “Find Records”, then rendering those records as an HTML list or grid in an email, the records will now be rendered in the same order as the view.
  • The “At scheduled time” trigger has gotten a big update! Besides a refreshed UI, the trigger now supports:
    • selecting a start date/time for when the trigger should start firing
    • when the specified time interval is weekly, you can now specify the number of weeks between automation runs (from 1-11 weeks).
  • You can now easily navigate to specific automations in your base by using the new “Copy automation URL” option to create a link that opens a specified automation directly.
  • The “Send MS Teams message” now clearly shows an error message when meeting the 28KB size limit.
  • The “Send Email” action no longer truncates ratings’ fields rendered in an HTML grid.
  • The “Run a Script” action now clearly returns an error message when the custom script output exceeds the 6MB limit.
  • Creating and updating automations is now easier than ever with the ability to change an automation’s step’s action type.

Mobile updates:


  • Editing filters is now presented in a bottom sheet, so you can see more of your data while you edit those filters.