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10 - Mercury

Hello again! Two new field types are now available to everyone today:

Created by field

created by
The new created by field displays the name of the collaborator who created a record. A couple of notes:

  • Since the person who created a given record will always be the same, there is no way to directly edit the contents of a created by field.
  • Records created prior to the time when the created by field was enabled (June 2020) will have blank values in a created by field.
  • Records created using a form will show “Anonymous” as the collaborator value in a created by field.
  • A record created using an integration that uses your API key will show you as the creator for that record in a created by field.

You can learn more about the created by field by checking out the support documentation.

Last modified by field

last modified by checkbox
The new last modified by field type displays the collaborator who most recently edited the contents of a record. By default, the last modified by field will update when any changes are made by a collaborator in any non-computed fields, but you can adjust the settings in the field customization menu so that the field will only update in response to changes made in specific fields.

A few other notes:

  • The last modified by cell values will be empty if the last modification predates the time that this feature was shipped (June 2020)
  • The last modified by field reflects changes in fields where collaborators can make edits. This means if the values change in fields computed by Airtable (e.g. formula, created time, and rollup fields), this will not have any effect on the value in the last modified by field.

You can learn more about the last modified by field by reading the support documentation here.