Product Update: Inline Record Creation/Deletion & Editing Settings in Interfaces

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Airtable Employee
Airtable Employee

Hello, Airtable community! I'm Johari, a software engineer here at Airtable. I'm excited to share some enhancements to Interfaces that will give you more control and flexibility when collaborating with your team.

New Linked Record Creation/Deletion in Various Elements

The first enhancement allows collaborators to create and delete new linked records directly within List, Grid, Calendar, Kanban, and Timeline elements. This feature simplifies the process of adding and deleting related records. Gone are the days of the lock icon and complex workarounds to create/delete linked records in interfaces. Now, you can swiftly and seamlessly accomplish this within your current layout. To access this functionality, you will need to enable the Inline Creation/Deletion setting mentioned below. 


Settings Separation: Inline Creation/Deletion and Inline Editing

The second improvement gives you more granular control over your layouts. We've separated the settings that enable inline creation/deletion of records and inline editing of records in List, Kanban, Calendar, Timeline, and Grid layouts. This means that you can now choose to enable only inline editing without enabling creation/deletion, allowing for more precise control of your data input and management.


These improvements (available on all plans) are designed to streamline your experience and offer you more control over how you and your collaborators interact with your data. We're looking forward to hearing your thoughts, so please don't hesitate to share your feedback!


  • We’d love to hear from you —if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!