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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Top Apps for Marketing Teams

When it comes to marketing workflows, there’s no one-size-fits-all model. Your team is unique and so are your marketing needs. With Airtable Apps, you can customize your base to match your exact workflows. Apps empower you to analyze, enrich, and take action on the data in your Airtable marketing base—all within Airtable, no context switching required.

With over 50 pre-built apps available in the Airtable Marketplace, you can create charts, schedule tasks, enrich data, preview content, and much more, in just a couple clicks.

Curious about which apps to start with? Here are our top suggestions for marketing teams, all available in the Marketplace collection:

  1. Chart: Get a colorful, big-picture overview of a table, such as when you want to visualize projects by status in a campaign tracker. Summarize your Airtable marketing base records and visualize them on an interactive bar, line, scatter, pie, or donut chart.

  2. Miro: Work with the speed and flexibility of a whiteboard to brainstorm, design, and plan—all within Airtable. Collaborate on projects by sketching visual diagrams and leaving feedback using digital sticky notes.

  3. Pexels: Source free stock photos for your Airtable marketing base’s content pipeline. Browse, search, and attach free stock photos to your records—all without leaving Airtable.

  4. Abyssale: Create images within Airtable, directly using your records’ data. Whether you want to auto-generate social media banners, display ads, or online promo codes, use Abyssale to translate your data into visual assets.

  5. Summary: Call out a specific summary value from your records to be displayed prominently on your dashboard. Track performance against a quota, your next big launch date, or any other marketing metric you care about.

  6. Loom: Preview screen captures and video content from Loom without leaving your Airtable base. Just select a record with a Loom URL and the video will appear as a frame in your app. Use it to create explainer videos for new hires, create engaging internal communications, or walk team members through a new marketing process.

  7. CSV Import: Easily add new records to an existing table in your Airtable marketing base from a CSV file. If you’re looking to move inventory records, a list of customer leads, or an email subscriber list into Airtable, try the CSV Import app.

  8. miniExtensions Portal: Share access to your Airtable marketing records with external third parties, like agencies or freelancers, limiting them to only see and update the specific records that are relevant to them.

  9. Scripting: Supercharge your Airtable base with scripts to eliminate tedious tasks like data validation and bulk record creation. Write, edit, and run short scripts to handle repetitive tasks—all within Airtable, no coding needed. Build a script of your own with a bit of JavaScript or take advantage of our library of pre-built script templates.

  10. Data Fetcher: Run, save, and schedule API requests to sync data between Airtable and the other marketing tools and technologies you use everyday. Without leaving Airtable, you can easily import lead information from your CRM, send emails using your marketing automation platform, or do anything else you can think of using APIs.