1 View to bring in the next days schedule at said time

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4 - Data Explorer

Attached Screenshots. 

Issue 1: View - Slack-Send Tomorrow's Schedule

This view will send tomorrows(Friday) employee schedule to a Slack channel at 7pm every night. I'd like this view to automatically change to Saturday's Schedule, on Friday Morning. 

Issue 2: View - Working Schedule_Current Week + View: Working Schedule_Next Week

I'd like these Views to Auto Populate as many fields as possible, except Employee Names. Main fields would be the date with start and end times. 7 Lines for Summer Camp 10am-3pm, 3 Lines for Summer Camp 8:15am-3pm, 3 Lines for Open Level Fly 4pm-6pm, ect. 

Then on Sunday at set time_Current Week removes last week and populates new week, then the Next Week Schedule View pulls in. 

Appreciate the help! 



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For Issue 1, try creating a formula field that'll output the next day's name based on what day it is today, and then check against the "DOW" (Not sure what this field is called) field, and then use this field for your view filter instead

I don't really understand what you need for Issue 2 I'm afraid, sorry.  Could you provide some examples please?