About Linked Record Fields and Using Automation Condition

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Airtable newbie here. I’m using a Linked Record Field in a Form.

If someone submits the form with having more than 3 linked records/items selected, I would only like to have 3 records/items (max) only recorded in my table.

Any help is appreciated.


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Create an Automation that monitors change within the Linked Field, then you’ll need to run a script that’s similar to this;

In this example, the linked field is a “Tags” table, that the main “Products” table links to - which is from a previous example I gave in another thread.

//Get the record with the "Tag" field change
const inputConfig = input.config();
const productsTable = base.getTable("Products");
const myRecord = await productsTable.selectRecordAsync(inputConfig.recordId);

if (myRecord.getCellValue("Tags").length >= 4) {
    let lastThreeRecords = myRecord.getCellValue("Tags").slice(myRecord.getCellValue("Tags").length-3, myRecord.getCellValue("Tags").length);
    await productsTable.updateRecordAsync(inputConfig.recordId, {
        "Tags" : lastThreeRecords