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Add placeholder image to new records created by Softr in Airtable

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Hi! I am sending text-only information from a form in my Softr Web Application to Airtable and create a new row for each entry in a table.
Later on, I retrieve this information and display it in my Softr Web application in a Grid view, including a image for each record. As I don’t want users to upload/provide images, I would like to add placeholder images for each record created in Airtable (and display them then in the web application again)
As for the moment, I couldn’t identify a way, using automation, to add a placeholder image to new records created by Softr in Airtable. Is there any possibility to link an existing image from another table or similar?

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Hi @Timurcin_Kizilnar ,

were you able to get any help with this issue?
I am looking to accomplish the same thing