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Automation with script to take specific field value + a #, and update same field to the new total

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I have a table in which a student’s “Start Date” is captured in a date field. There is then a # field that indicates the “# of weeks” the student is in the course. Then lastly is a formula field that takes the Start Date + # of weeks = Graduation Date.

A student is allowed to renew for an additional 12 weeks.

I would like to create an automation where the following occurs:

  1. Trigger = Record Meets Conditions
  2. Action = Run a script that would take the records current # of weeks + 12 and put that new total into the # of weeks field.

I simply cannot make heads or tails of scriptwriting to get something that works and am hoping someone else can assist. I feel like this is probably something very easy, and I really don’t want to add a few more fields along with messing with the original formula for Graduation Date, if I don’t have to :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Cole. You actually don’t need a script, just another formula field (I hate field clutter too, but I keep stuff like that hidden anyway) that adds 12 to # of weeks. Then, in your action (update record), just set # of weeks to the new formula field. Make sense?


add script step and set weeks as input variable


use “newWeeks” in next step (Update record or whatever)