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6 - Interface Innovator

I want to use the new Airtable Automation Update Record to update a single select field when it appears in a view. The field is a status field. I have an automation that emails the person on the ticket to have them schedule an appointment when it enters my Needs Appointment View. Would like to use update record automation as well to change the status from blank to sent email to schedule meeting status. When I attempt to set this up, I get invalid input error. Any ideas?

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Airtable Employee
Airtable Employee

Hi Patrick,

The updated record action works with text values for a single select field. If you’re working with values like ‘In progress’ or ‘Complete,’ for example, you could enter those into the single select field input within the update action - which would look something like this for ‘In progress’:
In progress

Would you mind sharing a screenshot here or some more details around the field values you’re working with if that’s not working as expected for you? Is the value you’re using to update the single select field coming from another field?

Also, it’s always good to double check that you’ve re-tested the Trigger in your Automation if you’ve changed anything in the original record (if you’re working with values from that record in your update record action).


Thanks for the reply Alex. I sent a snip of the automation as I am trying to set it up. Let me know if that helps any. Feel free to call me if you have any more questions.








Thanks for sharing that! I think there’s a few things worth trying here. One thing worth pointing out first though, is that the “invalid input” is likely due to your action being unable to pull a value from your trigger, since the Automation hasn’t been updated to reflect any recent changes (this is shown in the ‘Status’ field’s output in your action, below the error, since it has no value to the right of the word ‘Status.’ If this was successful, it would display your Status text) – I’ve marked up your screenshot with some next steps worth trying. Let me know if anything’s unclear or these suggestions don’t help!