Airtable how to get all billable collaborators in a table view (CSV or base)

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How do I get this stored somewhere else? either in a CSV or a base?

We basically need this in a tabular format because it lists down the things we need for auditing cost and permission.

  1. collaborator
  2. current level of permission
  3. which base are they accessing

I saw this article and yes I know there’s a view but this is just barely usable, we need a table format to audit and make filters. we need to create reports from it not a static view.

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As far as I know, that information is only accessible to Enterprise customers by using their special Enterprise API. It would be nice for that information to be available to Pro customers as well. I would send an email to to request this feature.

The main ways to see who are the billable collaborators are in the Workspace settings, or in the Base sharing settings.

Scripting also has access to all of the collaborators in a base. Officially, scripting does not have access to the current level of permissions, but I have seen an undocumented permission level in scripting recently under certain circumstances.

It is possible to install an automation script into each base in the workspace that periodically tells a centralized base a list of its collaborators and as much permission information as it can glean. Note however, that this process would involve undocumented features (user permissions in scripting) and alpha features (webhook automations). If you are interested in learning more, you can book a meeting with me.

so I have about 70+ bases to audit and forecast it to increase. installing script per base may not work for me though.

so if the script can actually capture permission data points from other bases that would be good otherwise, this would take forever to set it up.

I found a hacky way to set it up at the moment and took me to finish 30min to 1hr. it’s semi-automated but it’s working.

They have the API, because in enterprise, they have a view to show all bases and collaborators.

I just sad that they don’t share the document publicly. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Understood. A script cannot capture permission data from a different base. A script does not have direct access to anything outside its own base.


AIrtable has a lot of information about how we used our bases and who uses our bases that they choose to not share with customers. Some of the information is quite frankly minute details that we customers don’t care about, but other information would be really nice to have in an easily accessible format. Keep letting support know your product requests, and maybe eventually it will show up.