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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Require some help on moving/changing data between Airtable and Shopify, using integromat.

Reason? We have items where stock is managed in Airtable and Shopify. Shopify is used for items sold online, the Airtable system for items associated with jobs within the business (the items are automotive parts, so we sell some, and use some internally).

The reason the items are managed on Airtable is for integration with other data/information requirements.

Stock is managed in Airtable by having 1x table that is a list of items, and one times table where a stock adjustment record is added. Example, Item A exists in the list table. On the stock adjustment table, if stock is removed, a line is added that links to that item, with ‘1’ added to a Stock Out field, likewise for stock in. On the list table, the stock amount of Item A is calculated as a simple In minus Out roll-up.

We have put together an Integromat automation that watches Shopify orders, and can add a new stock record when an order is placed, this all works as needed.

What we need to be able to do is when a new stock record is added in the Stock Record table, to modify the Shopify inventory. We can either do this from Airtable to Shopify, or we have a third party Shopify app that downloads product information to a base, and can upload when needed (direct to Shopify seems most sensible).

The question, what trigger can I use when an Airtable record is created, to then run the Integromat scenario to update Shopify inventory? At the moment, can only see the option of a webhook, which relies on a form submission? Or a periodic check that looks at a modified/created date field.

Anyone with a bit more experience think of a way to achieve this? Any help much appreciated.

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Hi @Gavin_Fudge1 - can you control this from Integromat? There is a trigger on the Airtable component to check for new or updated records:

Screenshot 2021-08-15 at 17.57.03

Have you considered the AirPower Shopify App? I haven’t used it, but it claims to have full bi-directional sync.

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi @JonathanBowen - we can use the record watch, but it is a time based rather than event based trigger (as far as I can see?). Ideally, we need a solution that triggers whenever an update is made either way, which is the crux of the problem with keeping an accurate ‘live’ stock update at both ends. At the moment, we may get away with something time based due to the frequency/volume of current updates, but ideally looking to build something that can scale up.

@kuovonne - we are using the AirPower app, which is a definite help in this situation. The difficulty I’ve come up against here is with the limitation in Airtable where I’m unable to calculate an amount and then change an existing amount - e.g. amend a value in a field based on a calculation and then have it be left as ‘hard’ information, at least without scripting at this point.

BTW, just as an aside the guys at AirPower have been very helpful when it comes to using the app and making suggestions, if anyone else sees this and is considering using the app at all.

Cheers for the input both. We will keep at it, and as and when we sort a solution (or don’t!) will let you know.