Re: App or Automation that counts records based on dates?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello there, first time on the Airtable forums. We really want to figure this out and figured someone around here may have some wisdom!

We use Airtable for our real estate business and would like to find out how we could have a small app that simply tracked # of sales we got under contract in the month, and number of sales we purchased in the month.

We track the dates of when we get a property under contract, as well as a date for when the property is purchased., in an Airtable base. We would like to use these dates to create a visual ‘counter’ of sorts that we can look at for motivation during the week ie. we can see how many properties we got under contract for the month, or purchased for the month, at a glance .

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

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Start by adding a formula field for the [Sales] table with this formula: IF({Date field}, DATETIME_FORMAT({Date field}, 'YYYY-MM').

If you want to chart sales progress month to month:

  • The Chart App will let you use that formula field as the basis for the X-axis, so you can chart sales grouped by month.

If you just want to display the number of sales from the current month:

  • Create another formula field which checks if the {Month} formula field equals the current month: IF({Date field}, IF({Month} = DATETIME_FORMAT(TODAY(), 'YYYY-MM'), "true"))
  • Create a filtered view that only shows records where that formula field’s value is “true”
  • Use the Summary App to show the count of records in that view, or the sum of the {Amount} field of those records