Attaching a CSV of records from a view to email

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Is this possible? I am unable to get the attachment mechanism working in an automation with send email action, or am simply misunderstanding. I just want to send all records in a view as a csv.

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Hi @corb ,

I  do not think the attachment functionality could be used this way. You would need to have existing file first to attach it.

To  create CSV file from an Airtable view, I would just use - it has a handy CSV module.


In  the Airtable module you specify the view to take data from.

In the CSV you select what data  should be included:


In the Gmail you use the output text as data and name the  file the way you want.csv


You could  use automation to  trigger this scenario (instead of time scheduler I am using above).

Let me know if that helps?