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4 - Data Explorer

Hi!. I have built an automation that sends an onboarding email (in Outlook) to new customers who have signed up for my free 30-day trial. I would like to attach our Quick Start Guide (a .pdf) to each email. I would not like to have to attach the .pdf to each record individually. I have found some pages in the help guides that talk about this but they might as well have been written in Greek.(
) I’m very experienced building workflows in Airtable, but can’t code worth a darn. Can someone boil the steps down for me? Thanks.

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You can put the PDF in a “resources” table, have every customer record link to that resources record, and then pull the record through to the customer record in a lookup field. You can then include the attachment in the automated email.

Another option is to include only a link to the pdf file, and not the pdf file itself.

Thanks for the answer. In hindsight, it seems obvious. Not sure why the Airtable folks have to make it so hard to get a simple answer.