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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi, is it possible to automatically generate several new records at once AND give them names according to some kind of a formula? 😮

What I have:
A “Projects” table & a “Sprints” table

What I want:
Whenever I create a new project, automatically create 10 new Sprints that are auto-named “S1: [project name]”, S2: [project name]", S3: [project name], etcetera.

Trigger: new record in “Projects”: “Buy the Empire State Building”
Action: create 10 new records in “Sprints”:

  • “S1: Buy the Empire State Building”
  • “S2: Buy the Empire State Building”
  • “S3: …”

  • …all the way up to 10.

Any help would be hugely appreciated!

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If the number of records to be created is always fixed (and less than 25) this can be done with automations. Use the create record action and set the spring name to be a combination of static text and text pulled from the record. If the number is not fixed, but can be otherwise determined, this can be done with a script.

You could use any of the following Automation setups, all of which assume you have a trigger that is “when record is created in the Projects table”:

  • A single automation with 10 “create record” action steps, where each step links the created Sprint record to the trigger record
  • A single automation with 1 “update record” action step, where the step updates the field linking to the Sprint table with the names of the 10 new records typed out as a comma separated list
S1: Name, S2: Name, S3: Name, S4: Name, S5: Name, S6: Name, S7: Name, S8: Name, S9: Name, S10: Name
    • This requires that the primary field in Sprints is not a formula
    • You would need to replace “Name” with the value from {Project Name} field of the trigger record using the blue plus button at the right of the input box. This method relies on the {Project Name} field having a value, which it may not yet have at the time of record creation since records are typically “blank” upon created unless generated by a form/automation/API/script/etc.
  • Use a script to generate new linked records

Hello Kamille, thanks for your answer!

I’ll go for option 2 (“update record”) because it seems easiest.
Your explanation was still a bit cryptical though :winking_face: , but with the help of this post explaining the difference between the RECORD ID, the FIELD to update and the VALUE to update it with, I think I got it…

It should look like this, right?

Anyway, I’ll test it out tomorrow and see if it works!

Thanks for your help! Tim