Automate emailing of unique data to certain users

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Everyday I have new data coming into a base. Each row will uniquely be assigned to a user. I have a User table with the email. The data needs to be emailed in a csv.

I was thinking can do this in Python script, but there probably is an easier way. Trying to avoid additional costs.

Thank you for the help

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Assuming you’re alright with the CSV data existing as text inside an email, if you’re on a Pro account you could use an automation with some JS to deal with this for you

If not, you could create a formula field that concats each record’s data together, and then use an automation with a “Find Record” step to get all the relevant records and use that newly created field?

You’d need to manually create the headers for it manually of course

If you’re looking for a CSV file…I’m not too sure and would love to know as well heh