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Hello all,

Thanks for reading :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a base with a table call « people »
People has a Name, a email, a status.
I am doing a automation that « whenever a status is change to ‘Send a Email’, Send a email with different status to update »

When the status is changed to ‘Send a email’ a mail is send to the person with the current email :

To : [Email]

Hello [Name],

How are you today ?

I am happy

I am ok

I am sad

I don’t know what should I do to update the different row, creating a page that use incoming webhooks from the email with the object id in get url parameter or talk to a Dev to do that using the API, or an other solution ?

Thanks again for reading and for the help

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I’m sure that there are several different ways to do this, but I do everything with Make, so that’s how I would do it.

Make lets you create custom webhooks and custom webhook responses, so you can just create a formula in Airtable that combines the webhook URL that Make gives you along with the Airtable Record ID for the record.

So your Airtable formula could look something like this:

"" & RECORD_ID()

Thanks a lot Scott.
I hoped to stay in Airtable, but I presume it’s time for me to give a try to make or n8n !
I will keep you posted :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, Airtable’s webhooks don’t support GET requests, so you’ll have to use another webhook tool.

Can’t achieve anything for now with n8n or Make. First time I use it.
But maybe make wants me to upgarde to the paid version to use personalized variable.