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4 - Data Explorer

Hi community, 

I have a question related to the taggin proces. 

I recently uploaded a lot of data in Airtable and I have defined tags. Now I want to create an automation (with script probably) which is able to search in the description and compare with the predifined tags. If there is a match I want that tag to appear in the column "tags".

I saw a discussion which somehow was related but not spcifically with matching the description and predefined tags. 

Is somebody able to help me? I am not a technical spcialist so hopefully it is not too difficult...


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Could you provide screenshots of the relevant tables and fields and give an example of the end result of the tagging please?


At notes you see the description in which some words need to be identified. 

In the second snip you see tags which I woul like to use as verification if they are written in "notes" and if this is the case I want them to dissapear in the relevant row at tags. 

Hope this helps

Projects and description.jpg

step 1.jpg



4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer


 Filled example