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6 - Interface Innovator


I have an automation that triggers every day at a specific time.

I want to end the automation after a number of days.

How can I do that?





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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

Yes, strange that every step seems to have completed. I don't think being in different time zones makes a difference, the end date is either in the future or it's not.

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An Automation typically ends in moments, it shouldn’t be able to run for days.

Hey Karlstens,

Thanks for your feedback. May be I didn’t explain well the situation. So let me try again.

I have an automation, trigger type is ‘at a scheduled time’ that triggers an email everyday at a specific time. 

Here’s a screenshot.

I think that if I do nothing else this automation will continue forever.

So how do I stop it. I want to stop it after a number of days, say 20 days.



8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

End dates would be a useful feature!

Perhaps you could let the automation run but add a conditional rule so that it will only execute before a a set date.



Hey Steve, adding a conditional rule might work. This is what I did.

Added a new column in the airtable database with a formula for the date i want the trigger to end - end date.

then added a new condition for the end date in the automation (as shown in the screenshot)

I’m not sure if the automation will work as I want it to work because I am having some problems understanding how the conditioning will work. 

So basically i want to trigger an email over the period between the start and end date.




Hi jackline

It looks like the automation would not run if today was between start date 2 and end date. Should the first condition be start date 2 is on or before today?

Is this part of the scheduled run, otherwise it will only run once.

Hey Steve,

I’m having some issues figuring how the conditions will work together.

But the automation is set up as triggered at schedule time - check the screenshot.

So my reasoning is if the answer to condition 1 is yes - start date is today - email will be triggered and it will continue triggering the email until the end date is on or after today.

example, start day is 01/03/2023 - end date is 08/03/2023 - today is 01/03/023

start date is today - then email is triggered. then it will continue to trigger email until end date 08/03/23 is on or after 01/03/23 - in this case the answer is yes - so email continues to be send out.

I’m not sure if my reasoning is correct.




what about records which have a start date and end date in the future? Then the automation will run before the start date, as the end date is after today.

If this situation might occur, then you want to end up with the logic being Today is between start date and end date, ie where start date 2 is on or before today AND end date is on or after today.

Thats a very good point which I haven’t thought of. 

But start date is a formula and is the date when the record is created so it cannot be in the future.


ah ok, in that case I don't think you need the start date at all in the conditions, just the end date?