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4 - Data Explorer

Using ATs guidance I have created an automation on a table to send an email reminder. The table has a date, subject, assignee and formula to run the automation. The automation sends an email to the assignee when the condition in the formula is met. It works when I test it but not in realtime/ life.

I have the automation set to send an email to whoever is in the table field assignee (under ‘to’, I clicked plus, assignee - email). I want to be able to select a person on the base under assignee in the table (assignee field set to select a single person on the base) and not have to enter staffs email addresses here, as it rather defects the benefit of automation. As I say, this works on testing and pulls the email in but not when running.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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Could you provide screenshots of your table, the automation setup, and the history of the automation run that didn't work as you expected please?

Thanks, I have managed to fix by putting a BCC email in that stays the same